Pr Habib Zaïdi

Head of Instrumentation laboratory :  PET and neuro-images, Medical Informatics and Radiological Department (Geneva, Switzerland)

Plenary session : The promise of artificial intelligence in multimodality medical imaging

Dr Houda Hanzouli

Head of data science pole, Solution BI France

Workshop 1 :

Why Data Science Matters?

Dr Mokhtar Mars

Ph.D, Ing.
CT & MRI Service Engineer, CT/MRI Expert
Head of the MMS Company, Senior Application Specialist CT/ MRI
Email: mokhtar.mars@mms.tn

Workshop 2 :

Quality Control on Medical imaging

Pr Ridha Ben Salah

Emeritus Professor in Biophysics, Tunis El Manar University
President of ATGBM
IAEA Expert in Nuclear Medical Instrumentation
Chairman JITM

Workshop 3 :

Biostatistics Tests with SPSS and R

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