Workshop 1: Why Data Science Matters?

Dr Houda Hanzouli

Head of data science
Solution BI France


Data is the new oil. We are living in the age of the fourth industrial revolution. This is the era of Artificial Intelligence [1] [2] [3] and Big Data [4]. There is a massive data explosion that has resulted in the culmination of new technologies and smarter products. Data science help companies interpret, manage data and solve complex problems using expertise in a variety of data niches such as mathematical and statistical modeling, computer Science coupled with business vision.
Data Science churns raw data into meaningful insights [5]. IT has an impact on applied and theoretical research in many different areas like speech recognition, machine translation, search engines, robotics, medical informatics, digital economy, finance, economics, businesses, social sciences and health care [6][7].


This workshop session aims to explore different topics connected to data science and Big data :
– What is Data science and what are the main pillars
– Big Data and Data science technologies
– Data Science project process
– General uses cases and medical needs and solutions


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