Workshop 3: Biostatistics Tests with SPSS and R

Pr Ridha Ben Salah

Emeritus Professor in Biophysics, Tunis El Manar University
President of ATGBM
IAEA Expert in Nuclear Medical Instrumentation
Chairman JITM


During this Workshop participants will have the opportunity to master the notions of biostatistical tests such as: the mean test, the Student test, the percentage test, the Fischer test, the ANOVA test, the correlation test, the diagnostic test (ROC curve) and the Khi two test. Practical work on the SPSS and R is planned during this workshop. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to apply these tests using SPSS and R software.


1. Sampling and estimation: Statistical parameters, Statistical distribution, Sampling

2. Estimation Biostatistics tests: Average test, Student test, T-test, Percentage test, Fischer test, ANOVA test, Correlation test, Diagnostic test (ROC curve), Khi two test.

3. SPSS and R: Installation, Applications in Biostatistics



1. Fundamentals of Biostatistics. Bernard Rosner (Havard University). Ed. Brooks/Cole. 2015
2. A Handbook of Statistical Analyses using SPSS. Sabine Landau and Brian S. Everitt. Ed. Chapman & Hall/CRC. 2004
3. Biostatistics with R. Jean Leps. Cambridge University Press. 2020

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